Skip the Wait With Same-Day Crowns

You shouldn’t have to wait to get the restorative dentistry you need.

If you’ve been told that you need a dental crown you may be cringing at the thought of how much time you’ll need to spend coming back and forth to the office to get your new crown. Not so fast! Our dentists Dr. James Petraitis and Dr. Alexis Pelekanos-Gonzalez make it possible to get crowns the very same day here at our Verona, PA, practice thanks to CEREC technology.

No More Waiting for Crowns

By bringing all the technology and equipment that we need in-house, our Verona, PA, dental team can make it possible to get inlays/onlays, veneers, and crowns on the very same day. No need to turn to an outside dental lab to make your crown (which is necessary when getting traditional crowns). CEREC technology makes it possible for our dental team to remove the outside lab and to create your new restoration right here.

Design, Fabricate and Place in One Appointment

When you come into our office we will first need to determine if your broken or damaged tooth is right for same-day crowns. If so, these are the steps involved in getting your crown:

  • We will shave down and prepare the tooth for your new crown.
  • We will take digital impressions of your mouth to capture the exact measurements of the tooth.
  • The images of your tooth are then uploaded and turned into 3D images on our computer, where our CAD/CAM software helps us create a crown that will fit perfectly over your tooth based on your measurements.
  • We will choose the appropriate shade of ceramic to use. Then the ceramic block is placed into the milling station. The measurements from the CAD/CAM software is delivered to the milling station, where it reads out the exact measurements and chisels out a crown to match those measurements.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

It’s easy to see how this restoration could benefit your smile if you are dealing with a cracked, damaged tooth that needs to be preserved with a dental crown. Some of the unique benefits of CEREC crowns include:

  • Same-day treatment that can be done in about 1.5 hours
  • A crown that is perfectly fitted to your tooth thanks to incredibly precise and accurate digital technology
  • No messy dental impressions (impressions are taken digitally in a matter of moments)
  • No need for a temporary crown
  • No waiting for a restored smile

If you are curious about getting same-day crowns here in Verona, PA, schedule a consultation with our dental team to see if you’re a good candidate. Call Alcoma Dental Center at (412) 795-5600.

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